Eliza Steinbock
Eliza Steinbock


The following lists a selection of my speaking engagements that have taken place in various formats since 2013. Please be in touch with me to discuss coming to your community to present on a topic related to sexuality, aesthetics, visual culture or transgender studies.

“Seeking Affective Justice in Trans Media Objects: Archival Activations and Re-enactment as Political Redress”
– The Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis International Workshop, Staging Gender: Sexuality and Embodiment On Stage across Geopolitical Borders (Amsterdam, June 2022)
Keynote Forthcoming

“Trans-Inter-Queer: On Three Eras of the Seeable and Sayable in Visual Cultures”
– Shimmering Images book talk, Irish Sexualities and Genders Research Network Spring Seminar Series (online, March 2022)
Public talk 2022

“Affective Justice in Transgender Visual Cultures: On Raising the Dead in Experimental Documentaries”
– Film Studies Department’s Research Seminar Series (Kings College London, December 2021)
Invited lecture 2021

“Culture-in-Solution: Contemporary Transgender Visual Cultures and Culture Wars”
– Sophia, the Belgian Association for Gender Studies Conference: A State of the Art (Brussels, October 2021)
Keynote 2021

“On Anticipating the Critical Visitor: Learnings from the National Consortium of Heritage Institutions”
– MuseumCamp 2021 Betwist Erfgoed/Contested Heritage (Allard Pierson Museum, Waag and the Amsterdam Museum, September 2021)
Keynote 2021

“White Affect Caught in the Act: The Social Life of White Shame and Colonial Guilt”
– Inward Outward Symposium, Emotion in the Archive (online via Sound and Vision Hilversum, October 2021)
Keynote 2021

“Trigger Warning: Stigmata and the Violence of Visual Markers for Contemporary Televisual Trans Characters”
– Trans*Time in TV Series within and beyond National Contexts (Gender and Media Studies Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, January 2020)
Keynote 2020

“No Body, This Body: Marking Flesh, Figuration, Abstraction in Trans Art History”
– College Art Association (New York City, February 2019) [Accepted]
Panel 2019

“Serial Shooters: Portraits of Contrast and Conflict in Muholi Muholi’s ‘Hail the Dark Lioness’ (2012-2016) and Pyuupiru’s ‘Self Portrait’ (2005-2007) Series”
– College Art Association (New York City, February 2019) [Accepted]
Paper 2019

Drop in to Shimmering: The Void, Minimal Existence, and Scanning the Sky for Bursts of Affective Signs
– Conference: Capacious: Affect Inquiry / Making Space (Millersville University, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, August 2018)
Keynote 2018

“Framed by Portraiture: Hirstoricizing through Genre to Locate Creative Transcestors”
– College Art Association Annual Conference (Los Angeles, February 2018)
Paper 2018

“Gender-neutrality: Shaping Policies at Leiden University”
– LGBTQ+ Network’s Public Talks (Leiden University, June 2018)
Discussant / workshop 2018

“How to Respond to Hate and Ignorance: Response Videos by Transsexual, Trans* and Two-Spirit Visual Activists, or ‘Rising Up’ in Canada”
– Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference (Toronto, March 2018)
Paper 2018

“How to Respond to Willful Hate and Ignorance: ‘Response Videos’ by Transsexual,Trans* and Two-Spirit Visual Activists in Canada”
– Network for European Cinema Studies (University of Amsterdam, June 2018)
Paper 2018

“Practicing Gender-neutral Language and Queer Sensitivity”
– Launch of Words Matter Public Event Series and Book (Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, June 2018)
Public talk 2018

“The Millennial Avant-garde Aesthetics of Cheang Shu Lea’s K.U. (2000): Shimmering Multiplicity Meets Trans*Forms”
– American Studies Association (Atlanta, November 2018) [Accepted]
Paper 2018

“The Operating Value Systems for Trans and Gender Variance: A Proposal for Contextualizing Trans* Aesthetics”
– The Arts of Trans, Gender Diverse and Two-Spirit Lives (McGill University Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, April 2018)
Keynote 2018

“The Political Valence of Trans Cinema Now: Communities, Conflicts and Visual Culture”
– American Studies Association (Atlanta, November 2018) [Accepted]
Panel 2018

“The Valuation of Transgender Socially versus Aesthetically”
– Identity, Art, and Activism (Spui25 in cooperation with NWO, March 2018)
Invited lecture 2018

With Caél Keegan) Roundtable: “Sensing the (Im)possible: Trans*/Cinematic Worlds, Bodies, Futures”
– National Women’s Studies Association (Atlanta, November 2018) [Accepted]
Panel 2018

“A Pretty Knot of Lilies: Disentangling Lili Elbe’s longue durée in Pop Culture.”
– Modernist Studies Association (University of Amsterdam, August 2017)
Paper 2017

“Catties and T-Selfies: A Question of Sovereignty”
– Symposium: Power and the Chthulucene. Humanimal discussions at the intersections of gender, sexuality, ability and race (Center for Gender Research, Uppsala University, Sweden, April 2017).
Keynote 2017

“Catties and T-Selfies in Digital Life: A Question of Sovereignty
– (Sub)Versions LGBT Seminar Series (University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia, Barcelona, May 2017)
Invited lecture 2017

“Openluchtgesprek (Open air conversation) on the performance WOMAN”
– Expert Respondent, Theater Festival Boulevard (Josephkwartier, Den Bosch, August 2017)
Public talk 2017

“Sovereign Clicks: Transgender Resilience in the Digital Age”
– Affective Politics of Social Media Symposium (University of Turku, October 2017)
Paper 2017

“The Extended Portrait of the Trans Muse: Temporal Activism in the Documentary Films of J. Jackie Baier (Berlin, Germany)”
– Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference (Chicago, March 2017)
Paper 2017

“Trans*Media Ecologies: Stigma and Temporal Activism in the Extended Portraiture of J. Jackie Baier (Berlin, Germany)”
– Center for Gender Studies and Supradisciplinary Research Node “Science, Validation, Partial Perspective: Knowledge Production beyond the Norms” (Uppsala University, April 2017)
Invited lecture 2017

“Transgender Nation: Resilience through Digital Memorialization Practices”
– ECREA Symposium Digital Democracy: Critical Perspectives in the Age of Big Data (Södertörn University, November 2017)
Paper 2017

With Laura Horak and Cael Keegan) “Trans Media Production: Temporality, Authorship, Desire”
– Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference (Chicago, March 2017)
Panel 2017

“’Follow the protagonist, always.’ Portraits as a Social Justice Methodology”
– Trans*Studies: an international transdisciplinary conference on gender, embodiment, and sexuality (University of Arizona, September 2016)
Paper 2016

“I’ll Be Your Crack’d Mirror: Socially Embedded Art Analysis of J. Jackie Baier (Berlin)”
– Arts, Gender and Body: A Bedroom of One’s Own Seminar Series,Visual Art and Aesthetics Department, University of Lorraine, Metz, FR, 21 January 2016.
Invited lecture 2016

“In the Name of Diversity and Inclusion”
– The Geopolitics of Gender Studies –International Research Association of Institutions of Advanced Gender Studies [RINGS] Conference and General Assembly (Cape Town, November 2016)
Paper 2016

“Kitten Therapy and T-Selfies: On Resilience and TransAnimal Cute Aesthetics”
– Control, Annual Conference of the European Society for Literature, Science and the Arts (Stockholm University, June 2016)
Paper 2016

“Look! But also, Touch!: Theorizing Images of Trans Eroticism Beyond a Politics of Visual Essentialism”
– Symposium: Cinema, Embodiment and the Aesthetics of Pornography (University of Kent, Canterbury, UK, March 2016)
Keynote 2016

“Navigating portraiture while gender non-conforming”
– Queering the Collection Lecture and Workshop, Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, NL, 31 March 2016.
Public talk 2016

“Playing with Fire: Performance Artist Cassils Between Simulation and the Real”
– Conference: The Politics of Performance and Play. Feminist Matters (Institute for Philosophy, Leiden University, July 2016)
Keynote 2016

“Trans Rights and the Right to Opacity: De-colonial Aesthetics, Gender Self-determination, Visual Essentialism,”
– Masterclass European Summer School for Cultural Studies, Leiden University, Leiden NL, 21 June 2016.
Invited lecture 2016

With L. Horak and C. Keegan. “Trans-Produced, Then and Now: The Practice and Politics of Media Historiography”
– Trans*Studies International Conference: Gender, Embodiment, Sexuality, University of Tucson, Arizona, 8 September 2016.
Panel 2016

“Micro-Analysis of Trans* Visual Activists: On Affective Exchange in Researching Portraiture”
– Affect Theory Conference: Worldings | Tensions | Futures (Millersville University, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, October 2015)
Paper 2015

Moderator, “Incendiary Day”
– lectures with discussion, on occasion of Cassils’ Exhibition “Incendiary” MU Art Space (Eindhoven, June 2015)
Discussant / workshop 2015

“Puncture Wounds: Sensing Gender Non-Conformity Stigma in the Portrait”
– Symposium: Perverse Assemblages. Queering heteronormative orders inter/medially (Jan. University of Oldenburg, Germany, January 2015)
Keynote 2015

– Performative Lecture with dancer/choreographer Florentina Holzinger, Frascati Theatre Issues: Mr.Mrs.Mx, Frascati, Amsterdam, NL, 1 May 2015.
Public talk 2015

“Tranimacies: Intimate Links between Animal and Trans* Studies”
– Symposium: The human condition in an other-than-human world, held during the exhibition “Elective Affinities” (State Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow, Russia, November 2015)
Keynote 2015

With K. Schuller and A. Aizura, “Affect and Its Queer Intersections: Race, Trans, and Biopolitics”
– Affect Theory Conference: Worldings | Tensions | Futures, Millersville University, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US, 14-17 October 2015.
Panel 2015

“Art and Animality”
– Cultural Studies Association, University of Utah, 29-31 May 2014.
Panel 2014

“Contemporary Trans* Cinema: Affective Tendencies, Communities, and Styles”
– Queer Film Culture: Queer Cinema and Film Festivals, University of Hamburg, 14-15 October 2014.
Discussant / workshop 2014

“On the Necropolitics of the Photographic Negative: Gender, Age, and Temporality in Del LaGrace Volcano’s Herm Body Series”
– One-Day Conference Radical Negativity: Interrogating productive possibilities for negative states of being (Goldsmiths, University of London, June 2014)
paper 2014

“Photographic Flashes: Materializing (Trans)Gender Violence in Heather Cassils’ Durational Art”
– New Materialist Methodologies: Gender, Politics, the Digital (Open University of Catalonia, Barcelona, September 2014)
Paper 2014

“The Haptic Cinema of Hans Scheirl”
– Porn Studies, Film Forum Spring School, University of Udine, Gorizia, 8-10 April 2014.
Discussant / workshop 2014

“Tranimacies: Animating Feminism, Animals and Trans Bodies”
– National Women’s Studies Association Conference: Feminist Transgressions (San Juan, Puerto Rico, November 2014)
Paper 2014

“Tranimacies: On the Cuteness of Animated Deer, Birds, and Transgender Bodies”
– Cultural Studies Association 2014 – Ecologies: Relations of Culture, Matter and Power (University of Utah, Salt Lake City, May 2014)
Paper 2014

“Transgender Modes to Decode”
– Expert Panelist KILK! Animation Film Festival, EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam, NL, 9 November 2014.
Public talk 2014

“Visual Activism in Del LaGrace Volcano’s Herm Body Series”
– ATGender Spring Conference – Setting a New Agenda for the Equality Policies (Barcelona, June 2014)
Paper 2014

“Generations of Bananas: Feminist and Queer Theory in the exhibition ‘Gender as a Performance’”
– Opening Lecture, Chris Rijksen exhibition at International Gay-Lesbian Information, Documentation and Archive, Amsterdam Public Library, 18 January 2013.
Public talk 2013

“How do you know a film is complete?: Response to Susan Stryker’s Christine in the Cutting Room Presentation”
– Doing Gender Lecture Series, Utrecht University, 30 May 2013.
Invited Lecture 2013

Organizer, Panel Discussion “Trans in the Dutch Media Landscape” (Trans in het Nederlands medialandschap)
– with Maxim Febuari and Monica Overdijkink, sponsored by International Gay and Lesbian Archive and Information Centre, TranScreen, and T-Image (Amsterdam Public Library, May 2013)
Discussant / workshop 2013

Organizer, Workshop “Thick Relations: Community Filmmaking”
– with Jules Rosskam and Alex Samets sponsored by TranScreen (de Peper Café, Amsterdam, May 2013)
Discussant / workshop 2013

Organizer, Workshop “Trans in the Media”
– by Page One facilitators (EU-funded project) sponsored by International Gay and Lesbian Archive and Information Centre and TranScreen (Amsterdam Public Library, May 2013)
Discussant / workshop 2013

“Sustaining Queer Time/Space: Durational/Sculptural Performance Art”
– 4th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional Geographies (University of Groningen, July 2013)
Paper 2013

“Tranimacies: The Cuteness of Cats, Birds, and Transsexuals in Animation Videos”
– International Conference Missing Links: The Somatechnics of Decolonialization (Linköping University, Sweden, June 2013
Paper 2013

“Tranimacies: Transgender, Animal, and Affect Studies”
– Missing Links: The Somatechnics of Decolonialization, Linköping University, 17-19 June 2013.
Panel 2013

“Disfiguration: On Violence and Negativity in Queer Art”
– Symposium: Dildo, Anus, Macht. Queer Abstraction (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria, November 2012)
Keynote 2012

“Post-posttranssexuals Investigating Touch, or, Groping Images of Trans-Eroticism after Sandy Stone”
– Conference: PostpostTranssexual: Transgender Studies & Feminism (Indiana University, Bloomington, USA, April 2011)
Keynote 2011