Eliza Steinbock
On The Affective Force of ‘Nasty Love’
– Journal of Homosexuality issue “Trans Sexualities”
article 2015


Tackling the mimetic logic of sex-gender that limits the transsexual subject’s sexuality into seeming a poor representation, the author argues that trans pornography and autoethnographic accounts from trans scholars emphasize the affective dimension of trans sex, a material remainder absent from mimetic theories of sexuality. Developing concepts from Alfred North Whitehead’s process philosophy, in tandem with Morty Diamond’s film Trans Entities: The Nasty Love of Papí and Wil (2007) and a selection of trans theorists, this article elaborates on the horizon of affective potential opened by transgender, brown, kinky, and pornographic “nastiness.” The event of “nasty love” solicits a differential becoming, growing the edge of self.