Eliza Steinbock
“Look!” But also, “Touch!”: Theorizing Images of Trans-Eroticism Beyond a Politics of Visual Essentialism
– Porno-graphics and Porno-tactics: Desire, Affect and Representation in Pornography
Book Chapter 2016


Following Stone’s suggestion to look at instances of trans sexual dissonance, I argue for special attention to be paid to the ways in which the conflicting imperatives of “Look! No, don’t!” are negotiated in public confessions of trans sexualities. Within trans pornography, where genitals are often on display, or at least the exposure of them is negotiated, we can examine the complicated political demand to look at this public confession of trans embodiment, but also the sexual invitation to touch it. Trans pornography may cite the identity politics of visibility, but it also offers a rich opportunity for investigating the force, shape, and experience of trans eroticism through touch.